Press release
[ Press release]China to promote airports construction in Greater Bay Area hits(765) 2018/11/7
[ Press release]4th China Air Logistics Development Conference and Exhibition 2019 hits(1663) 2018/10/15
[ Press release]Greater Bay Area---an exciting story for China hits(860) 2018/8/23
[ Press release]From plans to actions, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development proceeds hits(2401) 2018/8/14
[ Press release]Greater Bay Area to be largest bay economy by 2020 hits(751) 2018/6/7
[ Press release]Wang Zhiqing Meets with Chu Kwok Leung, Chairman of Swire Group (China) and Non-Executive Director of Cathay hits(769) 2018/1/4
[ Press release]3rd China Air Logistics Development Conference and Exhibition 2018 hits(790) 2017/10/24
[ Press release]Civil aviation authorities of Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau sign Memorandum of Co-operation on enhancement of air traffic management efficiency hits(742) 2017/7/24
[ Press release]China Southern Launches Guangzhou to Vietnam Freighter Service hits(772) 2015/9/24
[ Press release]AF KLM Looks for Deeper Links with China Southern hits(736) 2015/9/24
[ Press release]AirBridgeCargo Debuts at Singapore Changi Airport with Direct hits(754) 2015/9/3
[ Press release]China Air Logistics Development Conference and Exhibition 2016 hits(1178) 2015/9/1
[ Press release]China plans construction of $14bn airport hits(1234) 2014/9/18
[ Press release]Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport New Terminal, China hits(1254) 2014/8/18
[ Press release]Shanghai Pudong International Airport is going to build another two runways hits(1811) 2014/6/6
[ Press release]Chengdu International Airport Expansion Project hits(1334) 2014/6/6
[ Press release]Tianjin Binhai International Airport Phase II Expansion Project hits(1044) 2014/6/6
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