China Southern Launches Guangzhou to Vietnam Freighter Service
China Southern Launches Guangzhou to Vietnam Freighter Service
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Sep. 24, 2015
At 0:17 a.m., September 24, China Southern officially launched Guangzhou-Ho Chi Minh-Hanoi-Guangzhou freighter service. This is the very first Southeast Asian all cargo route of

China Southern, as well as the only freighter operation from mainland China to Vietnam provided by Chinese carriers. The said route is operated by B747-400F. It starts from

Guangzhou at 0:10 a.m. every Thursday and Saturday with flight number CZ447, and the return flight number is CZ448.

The inauguration of Guangzhou-Ho Chi Minh-Hanoi-Guangzhou service will enhance China Southern cargo network hubbing at Guangzhou and broaden the "China-Vietnam Economy Corridor"

by bringing cargo from Vietnam to transfer efficiently via Guangzhou to Europe, America, Australia, Japan the rest of the world.

At present, China being the second export market of Vietnam has been its biggest trading partner for 11 years. And Guangzhou is an important gateway for Vietnam to import

industrial raw materials from China. At the same time, Vietnam has been China's second biggest trading partner in ASEAN. "Vietnam's manufacturing mainly works on processing

material, thus industrial raw materials from China account for a large part of export cargo on this route." said by the spokesman of China Southern Cargo.

Due to the up-rising labor cost, the manufacturers from East and Southeast China have moved to South-east Asia, leading to the export of electronic products and garments

increasingly flourished from Vietnam. "With the extensive network at its Guangzhou hub, China Southern Cargo can efficiently transfer cargo from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to the

other part of the world " he said, "since the arrival time of this flight at Guangzhou is at noon time, the cargo from Vietnam can be transferred by the evening freighter

flights to Europe and America, or through other passenger flights to various destinations all over the world within the same day, this shows great advantage in transportation


This year, China Southern Cargo has positioned 3 out of the 4 newly-received freighters in Guangzhou, Guangzhou-London-Frankfort-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Paris-Vienna-Guangzhou

freighter routes launched in June, Guangzhou-Chicago-Tianjin-Guangzhou freighter service will start in October, the total freighter routes will reach 8 and weekly flights

departing from Guangzhou will amount to 21.

China Southern Cargo, being a member of SkyTeam Cargo, currently operates 12 B777-200Fs and 2 B747-400Fs. It has 14 freighter routes from Shanghai and Guangzhou, connecting

Chongqing and Tianjin to Europe, Northern America and South-east Asia including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago, Ho Chi Minh and

Hanoi. At the same time, China Southern Cargo runs the bellyhold cargo business of more than 600 passenger aircraft, flying to destinations in China, Asia, major cities of

Europe, America, Australia, and Africa.

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