China Taps Hydrates for Alternative Gas Source
China Taps Hydrates for Alternative Gas Source
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China Taps Hydrates for Alternative Gas Source
The Chinese government has promised to “actively develop” natural gas hydrate over the 2016–2020 plan period. Last July, China’s Land and Resources Ministry reported that

natural gas was produced from methane hydrates in an experimental project in the South China Sea. A platform off the coast of Zhuhai for 60 days drilled 203–277 m below the

depth of 1266 m and produced a total of 309,000 cubic meters of natural gas, a record extraction volume from gas hydrate, according to the ministry. Reuters reported that the

ministry said earlier in 2017 that two gas hydrate deposits with about 100 billion cubic meters of reserves were discovered following seismic surveys and drilling programs in

the northern section of the South China Sea.

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